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Welcome to Harvest Moon Station.  That is the name of our ranch and has always been despite our moving to a new location.  I look forward to posting some pictures of the new property, pastures, and animals soon. 
For now, allow me to share some of the history of the land we purchased at our new location.  Back we go in time together then, all the way to 1865.  Many of us know what was going on in history at the time, and can imagine the general conditions of life in this country.  In 1865, Mr. Hiram Woodin, quoted in local history notations as "one of the most enterprising and successful agriculturalists of Ogle county" purchased this 90 acre parcel.  Though the size of our ranch in 2006 is not the same as originally purchased, this was the original size of his parcel.  Mr. Woodin was born in 1837 in Connecticut, and his father Elias also held a rich history when he moved the family to Illinois in 1844.  The country at that time was still quite wild and Elias is noted as turning his wild land into a well improved farm.  But back to Hiram.  As time had passed, he added to his original land possesions from time to time and eventually turned his ninety acres into 900 acres and three adjoining farms.  Again quoting local historical documents, "He is today the largest land holder in the township, and the sucess he has achieved is due entirely to his own industry, perseverance and judgement."  Hiram raised livestock just like we do, but his preferences were cattle and hogs. 
My absolute favorite part of the story involves our dear, departed president Mr. Abraham Lincoln.  In 1865 Mr. Hiram Woodin took his first shipment of stock for sale and arrived with the same in Chicago on the exact day President Lincoln was shot.  As there were no stock yards at that time, he had to pile up ties to the car door and drive the hogs down such a platform to the street.  This was accomplished with great difficulty and he then found hard work in selling his stock as business was practically suspended on the announcement of the assasination. 
Though we are certainly much smaller now, we feel great pride in the history of our new property.  We can only endeavor to continue a tradition of excellence in agriculture and social responsibility here at Harvest Moon.  We hope to continue to grow and improve all the time.  Stop by and see us some time. 

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