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When we are not busy doing presentations, and we aren't busy in the pasture, we can surely be found doing one of many WONDERFUL WOOL CRAFTS! 

At Harvest Moon, we take pride in shearing our own wool.  In addition to shearing, we also clean and spin our wool as well as offering it for sale to friends and valued customers.  During shearing season, both sheep and llama wool can be found abundantly just waiting to spark the imagination for the next beautiful, homemade project.  Email us to order or reserve some today, it's here waiting just for you!  (Please see our Wool Sales page, or fill out an information request form for more details.)
When the wool is ready, it can be spun as we really enjoy doing here ourselves.  Spinning with a hand spindle, or "drop spindle" is a wonderful, and relaxing way to have fun with a hobby while also producing a useful and attractive result.  The hand spun yarn can be used for innumerable projects from crochet, and knitting to any craft project requiring yarn.  Harvest Moon offers instruction in hand spinning, as well as other wool crafts. 
Crochet is a fantastic way to use our hand spun yarn - or any yarn, for that matter - to make beautiful gifts, clothes, accessories, jewlery, home decor items and more for yourself and your loved ones.  Crochet is not just the lace tablecloths and scratchy sweathers we think of from our childhood, it's so much more.  You will be surprised at how many different types of things you can make easily and relatively quickly.  Harvest Moon offers instructions in Crochet at several different locations for many different ages and skill levels, please email us to learn more.  And though many of us love crochet, as we know it takes all sorts of people with all different interests so if you should be someone who doesn't enjoy crochet we even offer custom made to order gifts for your special occasions.  From blankets, to crocheted chokers, to wedding garters and baby items, crocheted and beaded jewlery, home decor items and more we can help you make your gift unique and perfectly suited to your special person or occasion.  Contact us today for your custom order or more information! 
Needle Felting is a relatively new wool craft, when compared to the ancient art of spinning or the thread technique we know as crochet, which has been recorded with the first physical evidence dating to approximately 1800.  This new method of felting wool is truly unique, fun and another flexible craft with many project and application options.  From furry animals and fun toys, to wearable art you make yourself, needle felting is something new in wool crafts that we know you'll want to explore.  Give us a call, send us an email, just let us know and we would be happy to give you more information or provide you with some instruction.  Need a new craft class at your local group,guild or fundraiser?  Or perhaps a new project for the girls (8 and up) at the next birthday party?  Call us - we'd be happy to help!
Whether you are interested in crochet, spinning, needle felting or wool crafts in general; think of Harvest Moon as your personal guide and assistant.  We just love wool and it's amazing qualities - we know you will too.  Please support your local wool producer.  Thank you. 

HARVEST MOON a custom fit for all of your wool craft, instruction, gift and special occasion needs!  Contact us today.