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Harvest Moon proudly offers for sale wool from our own lovingly raised sheep and llamas.
It's hard for us not to get excited about wool! The importance of this fiber is immeasureable. 
By all accounts, wool was probably the first animal fiber ever made into cloth.  The art of spinning wool into yarn was developed in approximately 4000 BC and also helped to encourage trade amoung the regions of the Mediterranean Sea.  Woolen fabric fragments have been found amoung the ancient ruins and relics of Egypt, Babylon, and Peru.  As early as 200 BC, the Romans were already working to improve their flocks.  In America, sheep raising grew right alongside our very own society beginning in Jamestown.  President George Washington himself imported sheep and brought spinners and weavers from England, eventually allowing sheep to graze on the White House lawn. 
No one fiber has made such a global impact on so many civilizations and cultures. 
Fast forward to the 21st century, and wool remains an integral part of society; supporting economic structures for some countries as well as still existing in its most basic applications in other communities.  Despite the attempts of present day technology and science, synthetic fibers are no comparison to wool and simply can not duplicate it's impressive characteristics.  Wool is strong, warm, soft, weatherproof, naturally flame retardant, resilient, and versatile.  When made into a cloth, it not only breathes to allow air near the skin, it also provides better protection from heat and cold (hypothermia) than synthetic fibers making it prized by outdoor enthusiasts.  Even wet wool retains it warmth, amazingly becoming 5 degrees warmer when wet. 
Entire tomes can be written about not only the history and importance of wool, but also the wonderful characteristics of the fiber itself.  However, those of you who are searching for quality wool to purchase are likely already well versed on the subject.  For those who are not, it is not our intention to overwhelm you with facts. 
Infinite factors impact the end quality of wool;and though breed is important, everything from environmental conditions to management and more greatly affect wool production.  Furthermore, while one flock of a particular breed of sheep may produce a high quality wool, you may find the very same type of sheep in another flock might produce a lower quality wool due to differences in conditions, care and management. 
Harvest Moon proudly offers for sale wool from our own lovingly raised sheep andl llamas.  Here at Harvest Moon we are constantly striving to produce an excellent high quality wool.  Overall, our fiber priorities focus on consistently providing a long staple length, with great crimp, good luster and cleanliness.  Ever increasing, premium quality is our mission and we are always working to make our wool exceptional. 
We raise predominantly purebred Corriedale sheep.  The Corriedale are a white faced breed, technically classified as "medium wooled" and are known for good fleece weight, excellent crimp, staple length, and luster.  Llama wool is available too, in varying colors.  The use of llama wool for spinning is increasing in popularity in the U.S., though this fiber has been popularly used in other countries for quite some time. 
We do all of our shearing ourselves, on premises, to help ensure control over the possibility of "second cuts", or very short shorn fibers, as these greatly reduce the quality and desirability of the wool. 
We sell the wool raw to those who prefer to oversee cleaning and carding themselves.  At your request we can also provide wool already cleaned, or prepared into roving dependent upon your preference.  Whether you are yourself a handspinner, are part of a craft or spinning guild, a wool felting enthusiast, a crochet/knitting person, or weaver you will find we have a quality wool product for "ewe"! 
Fiber samples are available.   
Help support the wool producers in America.  
Please contact us for more information, we are just waiting to hear from you! 

Check back soon to see photos of fiber samples as well as the animals.