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Our Company
Harvest Moon was founded to provide educational demonstrations and cultural experiences that offer a link to our rich agrarian history. 
Our mission here is two-fold.  While providing unique and memorable educational demonstrations and presentations to the community, we are also thrilled to be able to offer alternative purposes for our wonderful animal friends instead of consumption or slaughter. 
Our animals are raised with extensive human contact, interaction, and training to provide specific preparation for their special demonstration encounters.  None of our animals are raised for meat, consumption, or slaughter.  When they are not helping educate or excite, we do annually harvest their wool.  We proudly sell our high quality wool and beautiful fleeces to individual handspinners, craft and spinning guilds, wool felting hobbyists, and more. 
Shepherding is one of the oldest professions in history, and is also an activity shared by innumerable diverse cultures.  Llamas were referred to as "the Ship of the Andes" for their crucial contribution to trade and travel traversing mountain passes and otherwise impassable terrain.  Both groups of animals have made an extraordinary impact on history and people, and still continue to be an integral part of our present day society. 
At Harvest Moon we also find it extremely valuable to assist in supporting a continued interest in general agriculture.  The number of farmers in the United States has drastically decreased, as has the emphasis of agriculture in our society.  Certainly it is possible to embrace the wonders of our modern advances, while understanding the crucial contribution agriculture still provides today. 
Though it seems customer service levels are generally on the decline as well, you will refreshingly find that our company prides itself on providing outstanding service and dedication to your specific needs. 
Harvest Moon is licensed and insured.  References are available upon request, and repeat customer incentives are available. 
Thank you for taking the time to review our web page.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from "ewe"!

Our Philosophy

"A mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimension"  
This poignant quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes acts as our mission statement.  At Harvest Moon we feel nothing could be more important than to inspire an interest in learning and discovery - no matter what the topic.  Though we include the animals and their historical significance as a topical vehicle, it is the journey itself that is most significant.  Let us create a magical journey of discovery just for you!
Imagine what it is like to see an animal up close for the very first time - not just another image reflected from the television or photo on a page, but to actually see it right in front of you.  To be able to touch it, look into it's eyes, hear it, or even hold it. 
When you look out over a classroom or auditorium and see a diverse group, imagine how surprised they would be to discover just how very much all of our cultures have shared. 
Imagine an environment where learning is a joy, togetherness a gift, and interest in discovery alone the ultimate goal. 
Welcome to Harvest Moon, where we can imagine together!